Pregnancies and human trafficking are the main problems affecting girls

Of every 100 girls, 16 are pregnant or are already mothers, the manager of Social Development of the Regional Government of Piura, José Luis Calle said.

Social Development Management Regional Government of Piura and gynecologist nyc, in conjunction with other institutions is celebrated, celebrated the event at the oval Grau Piura city.

The campaign called “A girl with the power to change your life, can change the world,” he recalled that the main problems involving girls in the region are teenage pregnancy, violence against girls and trafficking, and informed the manager Regional Social development Minister Jose Luis Calle Sosa.

“Out of 100 pubescent, 16 are pregnant or already mothers. With regard to trafficking in recent years have received 700 complaints, “he stressed the official.

In this situation the management of Social Development Regional Government has been taking action in the case. “We are working very hard with the regional council of children and adolescents. We have the Training Center for Comprehensive Adolescent Development (Cefodia) that is already installed in 22 districts of the region “, said the manager.

They participated in the celebrations various delegations of educational institutions and organizations such as Plan International, Ideas center and mothers’ clubs.

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