The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet recently presented a segment on the HCG Diet and consisting of injections of HCG (Human Choriogonadotropin) hormonal and 500 calories per day diet regime. As with any diet plan, there were experts on both sides of the issue; and, as in any diet discussion among experts, the point was lost and again. The point remains: There is only one way to effectively reduce and permanently weight; and not with any diet or plan. Diets simply dont work; and, if doesnt work, safety shouldnt and be a problem. Why waste your time, energy and money doing things that do not work, when you could be learning about what works

HCG, like any other diet remedy, used with mixed results and views found. The same is true of any drug; and, opponents often start as proponents  and then experience failure or disappointment. Or, desperate people, who have tried everything else and failed, they experience some results and swear by this new wonder cure and until some time later when the hype has died down and and conditions and  It has become one degree or another. In addition, studies with placebo carry a powerful message for those who did not focus on a particular program; that message:  For many people, it doesnt matter what and rsquo; s on the pill; a significant percentage of people will benefit from taking pills sugar, regardless of their condition or problem and Should not & Let t find ways to get in that group

I read a letter on the http://www.hcgdietinfo.net/where-to-buy-injections-online-and-order-shots/ website of HCG from a lady who swears by HCG without listening to the reality of what she and saying. His letter begins by saying that she needed to lose 60 pounds; and, after taking the HCG injection, which lost 50 pounds and was satisfied. But then, three years later, she needed to lose 40 pounds; and, guess what and hellip; HCG worked again! So good, in fact, that some years later, when she needed to lose 80 pounds, she was able to  for a while and but since the oral HCG doesnt work so well, she has to lose that 80 pound-new and  So in a period of about 10 years or less, which went from 60 pounds overweight at 10 pounds overweight 40 pounds overweight to her and  Ideals and rdquo; weight 80 pounds overweight again  anything less than that and and back to 80 pounds overweight and which is presumably where he was when he wrote his testimony about how well HCG works! I don’t know what the definition of and success and is; but this is typical of yo-yo diets and  It is not successful. He started 60 pounds overweight; and, after several ups and downs, which is now 80 pounds overweight. But the drug is a miracle?

The only way to let-go of unwanted weight is letting-go of emotional baggage unwanted let-go of the fears and concerns, let-go of the guilt and shame, we -go self-hatred and hatred himself, and let-go mad beliefs about food, fat, weight and diet, he and establishment and rdquo; that has fueled all her life. Look in the mirror. Look around. What you and have said simply isn and t an accurate view of reality; simply doesn t work the way they say it does. It isn and; t what you eat and s make you fat; it & s what and s to eat. Most people say, and  I’ll be happy when I lose this extra weight & but the truth is that this kind of and happiness and It will last only as long as the weight is maintained. Find true happiness, however, it may be the greatest weight reduction plan ever; and there are techniques that can help not release the programming and -up covered and their happiness an; giving you the freedom to live the way you want to live.

There are several changes-techniques available today that can help you stop-go of unwanted pounds to help you stop-go of unwanted thoughts and emotions. Many of them can be quickly and easily learned and ndash; free! And many of them are used by the gurus of weight loss as Paul McKenna and success gurus, and teachers featured in and l. The Secret and rdquo; If you want to try fad diets and drugs, that and  s choice; but you owe it to yourself to try something at least first and  free, easy and secure. Methods such as EFT, The Z-Point Process, and TAT, have been used successfully for over a decade; and have each produced many and  permanent and successes. I personally lost 55 pounds (just once and ndash; not over and hellip;) through prayer, understanding, forgiveness and the techniques mentioned above. That was 5 years ago; and I and change my diet or exercise habits and  just my point of view and beliefs about food and my body. In other words, I changed my body changing my mind first and then let the rest happen naturally .. Hotel

What does God think of snuff?

Naoko, mentioned in the preceding article, explains how he managed to overcome his addiction: “Knowing God’s qualities and purpose gave me the strength to change.” Everything she learned is found in the Bible. Although this book does not mention the word snuff, it shows us what the Creator thinks about smoking. * That knowledge has helped many to kick the habit, and others, to even begin ( 2 Timothy 3:16, 17 ) . Here are three harmful effects of snuff and what the Bible says about them. 

Smoking is addictive

The snuff contains one of the most addictive substances are: nicotine, which may act as a stimulant or depressant. When someone smokes, nicotine reaches the brain quickly and repeatedly. With each inhale a complete dose is absorbed, so the person who smokes a pack a day receives about 200 doses, more than any other drug. This often makes the nicotine in an exceptionally addictive substance. Once the smoker is addicted, experiencing withdrawal symptoms whenever your body needs nicotine and do not receive it.

“They are slaves of him because you obey.” ( Romans 6:16)

Can we obey God if we are enslaved to the vice of snuff?

The Bible helps us to see the issue from the right perspective by saying, “Do not they know that if they keep presenting yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves are slaves of him because you obey?” ( Romans 6:16 ). When cravings dominate the thoughts and actions of a person, they make a slave of this degrading vice. But God which is called Jehovah wants us to be free, not only customs that harm the body, but also of that corrupt our spirit, ie, our attitudes and inclinations ( Psalm 83:18; 2 Corinthians 7: 1 ) . The person who comes to love and respect God understands that he deserves the best and you can not pass while still enslaved to a lethal habit; That, in turn, helps you resist the temptation.

Olaf, who lives in Germany, started smoking at age 12 and spent sixteen years tied to his addiction. At first he thought that nothing would happen if a cigarette is smoked. However, over the years it became an uncontrollable habit. He says: “Once I ran out of cigarettes and I panicked so I took the ashtray butts, took them the little that remained snuff and rolled in newspaper. Just remember the time I amashamed. ” How did you quit? “The key was my  desire to please God ,he adds. The love for us and gives us hope that gave me the strength to quit smoking once and for all. “

Smoking damages BODY

” It is scientifically proven that smoking harms nearly every organ of the body and increases the rate of illness and death , ” says The Tobacco Atlas (Atlas of snuff). Everyone knows that smoking causes cancer and lung and heart (diseases that are not contagious) problems. But according to WHO, it is also one of the major causes of death from infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and with all your mind.” ( Matthew 22:37 )

Are we showing love and respect for God if we allow a vice harm our body?

Through his Word, the Bible, Jehovah teaches us to have a proper view of our life, body and faculties. Jesus referred to this when he said: “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and with all your mind” ( Matthew 22:37 ). Indeed, God wants us to correctly use our life and our bodies and treat themwith respect. Knowing God and His promises helps us to love him and appreciate what he has done for us, which encourages us to stay away from anything that harms us.

Jayavanth, a physician in India, smoked for thirty-eight years. He recalls: “I read in medical journals about the harm of snuff. I knew that smoking was bad. I was telling my patients to stop it, but I myself could not, even if I tried five or six times. ” What helped him? “I began to study the Bible and quit smoking immediately it counts. My desire to please God was what motivated me. “


The smoke exhaled by the smoker and leaving a cigarette or a cigar is toxic. People who do not smoke but are exposed to the smoke may develop cancer and other diseases. In fact, each year die 600,000 nonsmokers, mostly women and children. A report by  WHO warns: “There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke snuff.”

“You must love your neighbor as yourself.” ( Matthew 22:39 )

Are we showing our love of neighbor and family if you expose them to the dangers of secondhand smoke?

Jesus said the most important command after love God is to love our neighbor, that is, to those around us, as our family and friends. He said: “You must love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39 ). We can not obey this command and have a habit that harms others. Love will move us to follow this advice: “Let each one keep seeking, not his own advantage, but that of the other person” ( 1 Corinthians 10:24 ).

Armen, a man who lives in Armenia, recalls: “My family begged me to quit smoking because it was hurting, but I did not want to admit they were right.” Then he goes on to explain why he changed his mind: “What I learned in the Bible and my love for God helped me quit smoking and to accept that I was not just hurting myself, but also to those around me “.

A man coughing while smoking; his wife and son are concerned


The Bible helped Olaf, Jayavanth and Armen to leave the snuff, vice that was hurting them and those around them. They could achieve, not only because they knew that smoking is harmful, but because they loved the Lord and wanted to please him . Love it mentioned in 1 John 5: 3 was fundamental: “This is what the love of God means, that weobserve his commandments; and yet his commandments are not burdensome. ” Sure, it’s not always easy to follow biblical principles, but when we love the Lord, obey is not a burden.

The same man who no longer smokes is studying the Bible; his family is happy

Through a global educational campaign, Jehovah is releasing millions of people from the clutches of snuff ( 1 Timothy 2: 3, 4 ). Soon, his Kingdom – a heavenly government headed by his Son, Jesus Christ willdestroy the greedy commercial system that keeps so many people enslaved to snuff, forever eliminate this epidemic and obedient people will enjoy a perfect body and mind ( Isaiah 33:24; Revelation [Revelation] 19:11,  15 ).

Do you find it difficult to quit smoking? Do not get discouraged. Loving God and see smoking as he sees it will give reason to win, online headshop will offer personalized help and teach you how to apply Bible principles in your life . If you want LORD give you the strength you need, without fail he will give them ( Philippians 4:13 ).

Cosmetics biblical times

After bathing, the woman applied to her skin softened an lift x contra indicação aromatic oil. Then open a box where he keeps beautifully decorated a collection of small bottles, jugs and jars made of glass, ivory, shells or stone. The containers contain various oils and perfumes with delicate aromas of balsam, cinnamon, cardamom, frankincense, honey, myrrh, and the like.

Woman out of the box several spoons, saucers and bowls of beautiful designs that used to mix the products you have chosen for the day.Looking into a bronze mirror, carefully continued her beauty routine.

Everything indicates that from the earliest times women have worried about being cuter. In the paintings of the tombs, in the frescoes and mosaics in ancient times it can be seen that the use of cosmetics was common among the peoples of Mesopotamia and Egypt. For example, overly made-up eyes almond shaped seen in the paintings of Egyptian women were much admired.

And what of ancient Israel? ¿Women were using cosmetics? And if they did, what type? Although there is no tomb paintings or frescoes that can serve as reference, certain passages of Scripture-and several archaeological artifacts discovered in the lands bíblicas- allow us an idea about using beauty products at the time.


Limestone palettes for mixing cosmetics (Israel)

In excavations throughout Israel have found countless related to the use of cosmetics and perfumes objects: stone bowls and palettes for grinding and mixing products, perfume bottles cylindrical jars of alabaster ointment, mirrors of polished bronze, and even ivory spoon carved palm leaves on one side of the handle and on the other, a woman’s head surrounded by pigeons.

Among rich people, seashells were very popular for cosmetic containers. Archaeological sites in Egypt and Canaan have also found spoons applying cosmetics made of ivory or wood, some carved in the form of girls swimming and other complex designs. This shows that it was very common for women of the time employed beauty products.


The Bible reveals that the name of one of the daughters of Job was Querén-hapuc, which in Hebrew possibly means “Horn of Painting [Eye] Negra”, ie a container or box for storing cosmetics such as kohl, or eye makeup ( Job 42:14 ). The name may allude to the beauty of the girl, but is also proof that cosmetics were familiar.

 Interestingly painting biblical references eyes are always linked with women of ill repute, as the scheming Queen Jezebel prostitute or as asymbol of unfaithful Jerusalem mentioned by Jeremiah and Ezekiel ( 2 Kings 9:30; Jeremiah 4:30; Ezekiel 23:40 ). Judging by the large number of glass or stone containers found containing wands for applying kohl eyeliner as it is obvious that many women in apostate Israel-particularly those of royalty and class pudientes- had adopted the habit of makeup too with eyeliner and other cosmetics.

Scented oil for sacred use and other

Production and use of perfumes based olive oil was common in ancient Israel. The Bible book of Exodus contains a formula for making the sacred perfumed oil a mix of cinnamon, myrrh and other plants used aromáticas- priests in their services at the temple ( Exodus 30: 22-25 ). Archaeologists in Jerusalem have discovered what appears tobe a workshop of the  first century dedicated to make perfumes and incense for use in the temple. There are many Biblical references to perfumed oil, which was used in both sacred services and everyday life ( 2 Chronicles 16:14; Luke 7: 37-46; 23:56 ).

Terracotta jar for perfume (Israel)

In this part of the world ‘s scarce water so aromatic oils were highly appreciated complement of daily hygiene. Not only used to protect the skin in dry weather, but also for its beautifying properties ( Ruth 3: 3; 2 Samuel 12:20 ). Jewish virgin Esther received before being taken into the presence of King Ahasuerus, a beauty treatment that lasted a year, six months with oil of myrrh massage six with balsamic oil ( Esther 2:12 ).

The value of perfumes or fragrance oils was similar to that of silver or gold. When the queen of Sheba (Saba) made ​​his famous journey to visit King Solomon, he brought valuable gifts included gold, precious stones and balsam oil ( 1 Kings 10: 2,  10 ). And when King Hezekiah showed the treasures of his house to envoys from Babylon, he was proud “the balsam oil and the good oil”, along with silver, gold and its arsenal ( Isaiah 39: 1, 2 ).

Of the various types of flowers, fruits, leaves, resins, or bark extract could be only minimal amounts of oil or perfume. The Bible mentions a variety of aromatic plants such as aloe, saffron, balsam, bdellium, calamus, cinnamon, cassia, frankincense, myrrh and nard. Some were originating in the Jordan Valley, others were imported through the famous incense trade routes coming from India, South Arabia and elsewhere.

The mysterious balsam oil

As already indicated, the balsam oil mentioned in the Bible in the accounts about Queen Esther, the queen of Sheba and King Hezekiah.In 1988, the discovery of a small jar of oil in a cave near Qumran, on the western shore of the Dead Sea, led to much speculation. Perhaps it was the last existing sample of the famous balsam oil? Researchers do not have a definitive answer. And until today, horticulturists still trying to recover the precious balsam plants.

Ivory cosmetic container (Israel)

Apparently, balsam oil which the Bible speaks was obtained around En-gedi. The excavations have brought to light furnaces, jars , and various metal and bone objects century  VI BC that resemble those used elsewhere to make perfumes.Many scholars believe that the balsam tree or bush originally came from Arabia or Africa.Fragrance came from the resin plant. The balsam oil reached such a high price that production and cultivation methods were kept secret.

Balsam was even used as a bargaining chip in political maneuvering.For example, the historian Josephus says Marco Antonio offered a whole grove of this valuable plant as a gift to the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. The Roman historian Pliny that in the first century Jewish warriors tried to end all balsam plants to prevent the Roman conquerors take.

Thanks to the Biblical references and archaeological discoveries we can get a small idea of the art of cosmetic between the peoples of biblical times. The Scriptures do not condemn the use of cosmetics and ornaments, but stand to be used sensibly and modestly ( 1 Timothy 2: 9 ). The apostle Peter pointed out that what is “of great value in the eyes of God” is “the quiet and mild spirit”. Since the styles and fashions are always changing, Christian women, young and old, do well to follow that advice ( 1 Peter 3: 3, 4 ).

How to use music and singing in praying?

The song is one of the most expressive language, communicate our feelings and inner experiences better than many words

Sing badly, but while appears am with Christ Eucharist frequently a melody from the inside. Among the songs I humming from the inside are: “how you pay, o Lord, all the good I’ve done?”, “I know that I am nothing and dust I was born, but you love me and you died for me…”, “Close to you, Lord, I want to be.”

Any movement of the soul is a different edge shade

Choirs that help to better live the mass we have in our communities in Rome. So many times I have read texts of Sacred Scripture while I have questioned. Suddenly I hear the same text sung by a good choir and I’m unexpectedly enjoying the presence of God.

Singing is one of the most expressive language, communicate our feelings and inner experiences better than many words. Melody gives the word a very rich emotional charge. The Psalms were written to be sung. Augustine said: “I feel that these holy words dip my spirit in a most warm devotion when I sing them than when not singing them, because every movement of the soul is a different song or simple voice tinge…”(Confessions, 10.33).

If you’ve seen the movie “Of gods and men” on the martyrs of our Lady of the Atlas will remember the moment in which the community is prayer and suddenly heard a military helicopter approaching threatening to settle on the monastery intended to intimidate them. Under the powerful sound of the helicopter, the monks of the community stand, embrace and harder even gets to sing in front of Christ Eucharist:

Oh, father of light, eternal light and source of all light. You light up on the threshold of the night with the glow from your face. The shadows to Ti are not shadows. For Ti, the night is clear as day. It allows our prayers rise to you as our hands and incense as dawn offered.

As Monsignor Frisina said in the interview published on April 22, 2012 by Melbourne DJ hire, “music is a great tool, since it communicates what the words can not say or Express. This touches the soul at the point where it meets the unconscious, memories, thought, even to the unseen that we carry inside, and the musical notes can bring out. In music, there is also a structure, harmony, that help the understanding of an idea. This occurs especially in the great authors such as Bach and Palestrina, in whose works have a wonderful order, voices that are followed, intertwine, remaining however, different on a higher harmony which unites them. Therefore, it is a pleasure to spiritual extraordinary that reveals also the harmony of a concept…”

Vibrate in harmony

For this reason, the liturgy of the Church promotes the sacred music as a form of prayer and an environment that contributes to evoke the mystery celebrated. Intuitively it helps you get in touch with God and discover yourself in his presence.

With the song, “prayer adopts a more penetrating expression, the mystery of the liturgy manifests itself most clearly” (5 MS). But “should not be considered in the liturgy of the hours as a certain ornament which is added to the prayer as something extrinsic, but rather as something that arises from the depths of the spirit that pray and praise God…”(IGLH 270).

Perhaps the same musicians who most take advantage of it are: “the musician is who is there to listen and find inspiration from things, people, events, beautiful texts, the word of God, in a world made up of emotions and intuitions.” (Monsignor Frisina)

But not only the musicians pray with their music, or only serves the music for prayer in the liturgical prayer, but that any of us can pray singing (in a manner audible or silent) in personal prayer. The song serves to speak to God and to love God’s Word and truths of our faith, serves to put words and express our spiritual experience with affection.

In the words of St. Athanasius: “therefore the Lord, wishing that the melody of words was the symbol of the spiritual harmony in the soul, did sing Psalms melodious, modulated and musically. This is precisely the longing of the soul, vibrating in harmony, as it is written: one of you is happy, sing! (St 5.13). So salmodiando, it calms in it has been confusing, rough or disorganized and singing cure to sadness: are you my sad soul, me you why mobs? (41, 6.12 and 42.5 salt); admit your mistake, confessing: almost slipped my footsteps (salt 72.2); and in the fear strengthen hope: the Lord is with me: do not fear; What can man do to me? (Salt 117.6)”

The Psalms teach us to convert everyday in prayer.

The psalmist sings when he is happy, he sings when he is sad, he sings when he is afraid, sings when it falls, sings in anguish, sings in the morning and in the evening, all singing it… and leads the hand so we also learn to do it. And it is that there are feelings that we do not find words to express.

Augustine advised:

“Do not worry by the words, as if they were able to express what God delights. Sings joyfully. This is the song that is pleasing to God, which is made with joy. Do you mean to sing with glee? To realize that we can not put into words what feels like the heart.Indeed, those who sing, either in harvest, already in vintage or any other intensive work, they begin to sing with words that express their joy, but then is so great that it invades them, to not be able to express it with words, they dispense with them and end up in a simple sound of joy.

Joy is a sound indicating the inability to express the feelings of the heart. And this way of singing is best suited when it comes to the ineffable God. Because, if it is ineffable, it can not be translated in words. And, if you can not put it into words, and, on the other hand, is not lawful I shut up, the only thing you can do is sing with joy. In this way, the heart rejoices without words and the immensity of the joy is not limited by a few words.Sing with mastery and joy.”

In practice, how to use the song in the sentence?

Rather than take a text of the Gospel or a spiritual author as starting point for meditation, you can take a song and like it in the presence of God, making own affections that seeks to communicate. Or by the reverse route, you can become aware of the affects that fill your mind and your heart and remember a suitable song to get them up to the Lord. If you are familiar with the Psalms, you’ll see that more and more easily, the Holy Spirit will put on your lips Psalm suitable for every occasion.

I remember that when the Pope Juan Pablo II commented on Psalm 42 on January 16, 2002 (“as the cierva looks for streams of water, so my soul wants you to you my God”) acknowledged that it would be useful to meditate with the background music of Gregorian chant or the great polyphonic composition Sicut cervus Palestrina Pierluigi.

When I have opportunity to join others in your meditation during prayer workshops, sometimes help a song to encourage affection or listening in prayer. For example which are listening while you read this article.

Apart from the musical melody echoes the deep melody of the heart:

“Each thing or person has a music, because God gave each creature with its own sound.The man, who is the image and likeness of God, have a perception of this music in the universe, as Psalm 18 says: “the heavens have the glory of God, there is a Word from which the sound is not heard”. (Mons.Frisina)

And that is what God expects that we sing as best as possible to join the choirs of angels in eternal life.

‘War Room’, the power of prayer in theaters

War Room
A scene of the movie.

It is the fifth film from the makers of ‘Fireproof’ and ‘Courageous’. You can watch project free tv here.

“War Room” ( “War Room”) is a new film about the power of prayer. The plot shows how prayer can have a powerful impact on marriages, careers, relationships and other areas of life.

The film was produced by Stephen and Alex Kendrick brothers who produced “Wheel”,”Courageous “,” Fireproof ” and “Confronting the Giants”.

“War Room” ( “War Room”) presents the lives of Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, a married couple has a young daughter and apparently have everything you could ask for. However, it is clear that your marriage is in ruins. The film documents his harrowing struggle and both learn about the transformational power of prayer.

Stephen and Alex Kendrick, the brothers behind the film, said recently that before starting a new project spend a period for reflection and prayer where you ask God what is the next thing you want to do ?

Release “8 Days” – a film about human trafficking

Ambassador James Brewster, Bob Satawake, Fiora Cruz, Jaco Booyens, Lars Council, Shannon Council, Katie Walker, Kim Baldwin and Dan Funk.

The US ambassador, James Brewster and her husband, Bob Satawake, offered a cocktail in the Dominican Cinematheque for the exclusive premiere in the country of the film “8 Days”.

The broad smile on the faces of filmmaker Jaco Booyens and the cast of this film, evinced satisfaction work done. It
was they who formed the line of receipt by the director of the Cinematheque, Fiora Cruz, who gave a warm welcome to each of the guests. The film “8 Days” is a film made ​​by After Aden Pictures inspired by real events in the United States, which recounts the human tragedy of trafficking lived from the experience of a teenager, Amber Stevens, who after having escaped home to go to a party with your friends, go away, seeing forced into by his captors into the world of sex trafficking. This film is now available in HD on Movie25, please visit to enjoy.

The premiere of this film corresponds to the activities of the diplomatic mission concerning promote citizen security, institution-building and democratic governance. Each year the US State Department published a report on the situation of human trafficking worldwide and efforts by countries to combat this evil.


The power of holy water

Holy Water

St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church, had a deep faith in the power of holy water. She personally used it to expel the demon and repel temptations. “I know from experience that there is nothing better than the holy water to expel the demon from our side.”

Holy water is one of the most important sacramentals and used within the Catholic Church.

Recall that sacramentals are clearly different from the sacraments

  1. The sacraments produce their own effect by virtue (ex opere operato) … sacramentals, only by the devotion of the recipient (ex opere operantis).
  2. The sacraments contain and confer habitual or sanctifying grace … sacramentals reach us only actual graces.
  3. Only Christ can actually institute and instituted the sacraments … sacramentals, however, have been instituted by the Church.
  4. The sacraments are necessary for salvation … sacramentals, no.
  5. The seven sacraments are nothing more than seven, as defined by the Council of Trent: baptism, confirmation, penance, Eucharist, anointing of the sick, holy orders and marriage.
  6. Sacramentals are many. Example: litanies, sprinkling of holy water,water softener reviews, alms, blessings, blessed bread, blessings of homes, fields, cars, exorcisms …

In general worthily received the following effect sacramentals

  1. Get actual graces particularly effective for the intervention of the Church (ex opere operantis Ecclesiae).
  2. Forgive venial sins by way of impetration (ex opere operantis), in that for the good works they do practice and by virtue of the prayers of the Church on the subject aroused feelings of contrition and acts of charity.
  3. Sometimes they forgive part or all of the temporal punishment due for past sins, under indulgences that often accompany the use of sacramentals (eg, holy water).
  4. We get temporary thanks if they are suitable for our salvation (eg, bodily health, defense against storms, etc.)

Regarding the holy water. What are your main effects?

If one crosses himself with holy water with devotion, it produces three effects: Attracts divine grace purifies the soul and the devil away.

  1. The gesture of crossing himself with holy water, brings divine thanks for the prayer of the Church. The Church has prayed on the water with the power of the Cross of Christ. The priestly power has left an influence on the water.
  2. At the same time purified of our sins, both venial as reato left in our soul.
  3. The third power of holy water is to remove the demon. The devil can enter perfectly into a church, its walls contain him, not the sacred soil restrains him;however holy water itself that away. Although we “eyes of the body” can not see the cross that forms the holy water in our body to santiguarnos, the devil himself who sees it. For him that Cross is fire, it’s like a shell that can not pass.

To bless the water there is a special prayer in Latin. On her blessed salt is cast upon the blessing of water. Water, blessed thus has special powers in the fight against the devil and temptations. . The demon is more afraid of the holy water that the crucifix.

This is the way the water is blessed when it comes to practice exorcisms. That is why the priests often used to perform them.

The hard part is to find a priest to bless the water in this way, it takes about five minutes. Typically, the priest bless the water in the same way that blesses a rosary or medal; but what many do not know is that to bless the water and it has special properties, you must do so.

I always have blessed water in this way in my parish. The faithful know this and often come to me for holy water.

Therefore it is always good to have holy water at home. We can use to get up and go to bed. Also anytime we want a force or special help of God, and particularly when the demon bother us.

The new accounting of GDP including drug trafficking and prostitution rises 26,200 million (figure of 2013)

National wealth as measured by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) nominal (year 2013) increased by 26,193 million euros following the rebasing of National Accounts by the National Statistics Institute (INE), consulted by xero bookkeeper brisbane. This raises the nominal GDP 2.6%, from 1,022,988 to 1,049,181 million.

This change consists of basic methodological and statistical changes. The first arise from considering investment in R & D and military weaponry and the latter to take into account the contribution to the national wealth of illegal activities ( prostitution, drugs, smuggling and illegal gambling snuff ) and other things.

To perform these operations, the statistical agency has taken as its starting point the nominal GDP of 2010 (1.045.620 million euros). After applying the changes, this amount rises to 1,080,913 million euros, ie 35,293 million euros .

This increase in nominal GDP in 2010, methodological changes represent 1.55%, while illegal activities represent 0.87%. Specifically, prostitution is a drug 0.35% and 0.5%, equivalent to 9,187,000 (3,783,000 5,404,000 prostitution and drugs). Thus, a quarter of which increases the nominal GDP of 2010 as a result of rebasing is due to prostitution and drugs.

The INE said that to make their estimates of what they represent illegal activities for the Spanish economy has followed the methodology and procedures established by Eurostat , all in order that the figures of different countries are homogeneous and comparable.

“In all the illegal activities they have consulted scientific academic studies and both private and public, domestic and international , ” says the statistical agency, who recalled that the publication of these data compliance gives the order of the Commission European of all States to incorporate this month an estimate of what they represent illegal activities in their Gross National Income.

The recession, deeper

Taking the year 2010, the base change increases the weight of investment in nominal GDP and reduces consumption of households and government, the exports and imports. These first results based on 2010 correspond to the complete series from 1995 to 2013 annual national accounts. From that moment, all of the information distributed by the National Accounts will be in this new base. The changes introduced are derived from the adaptation of National and Regional Accounts of Spain to the rules of the new European System of Accounts (SEC 2010) approved in May 2013. Following these changes, the percentage of GDP of debt and the public deficit will be reduced in proportion to the increase in nominal GDP.

The new GDP base incorporates information from the census of population and housing 2011 and changes derivatives thereof in household surveys, and the revision of the Balance of Payments statistics. Once it made ​​the change basic GDP data published on its day suffer significant variations. Thus, although the fall in GDP in 2013 remains at 1.2%, that of 2012 (-1.6%) is extended five tenths, to -2.1%, and the figure for 2011 changes to sign : a growth of 0.1% is passed to a contraction of the economy of 0.6%.

Pregnancies and human trafficking are the main problems affecting girls

Of every 100 girls, 16 are pregnant or are already mothers, the manager of Social Development of the Regional Government of Piura, José Luis Calle said.

Social Development Management Regional Government of Piura and gynecologist nyc, in conjunction with other institutions is celebrated, celebrated the event at the oval Grau Piura city.

The campaign called “A girl with the power to change your life, can change the world,” he recalled that the main problems involving girls in the region are teenage pregnancy, violence against girls and trafficking, and informed the manager Regional Social development Minister Jose Luis Calle Sosa.

“Out of 100 pubescent, 16 are pregnant or already mothers. With regard to trafficking in recent years have received 700 complaints, “he stressed the official.

In this situation the management of Social Development Regional Government has been taking action in the case. “We are working very hard with the regional council of children and adolescents. We have the Training Center for Comprehensive Adolescent Development (Cefodia) that is already installed in 22 districts of the region “, said the manager.

They participated in the celebrations various delegations of educational institutions and organizations such as Plan International, Ideas center and mothers’ clubs.