The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet recently presented a segment on the HCG Diet and consisting of injections of HCG (Human Choriogonadotropin) hormonal and 500 calories per day diet regime. As with any diet plan, there were experts on both sides of the issue; and, as in any diet discussion among experts, the point was lost and again. The point remains: There is only one way to effectively reduce and permanently weight; and not with any diet or plan. Diets simply dont work; and, if doesnt work, safety shouldnt and be a problem. Why waste your time, energy and money doing things that do not work, when you could be learning about what works

HCG, like any other diet remedy, used with mixed results and views found. The same is true of any drug; and, opponents often start as proponents  and then experience failure or disappointment. Or, desperate people, who have tried everything else and failed, they experience some results and swear by this new wonder cure and until some time later when the hype has died down and and conditions and  It has become one degree or another. In addition, studies with placebo carry a powerful message for those who did not focus on a particular program; that message:  For many people, it doesnt matter what and rsquo; s on the pill; a significant percentage of people will benefit from taking pills sugar, regardless of their condition or problem and Should not & Let t find ways to get in that group

I read a letter on the http://www.hcgdietinfo.net/where-to-buy-injections-online-and-order-shots/ website of HCG from a lady who swears by HCG without listening to the reality of what she and saying. His letter begins by saying that she needed to lose 60 pounds; and, after taking the HCG injection, which lost 50 pounds and was satisfied. But then, three years later, she needed to lose 40 pounds; and, guess what and hellip; HCG worked again! So good, in fact, that some years later, when she needed to lose 80 pounds, she was able to  for a while and but since the oral HCG doesnt work so well, she has to lose that 80 pound-new and  So in a period of about 10 years or less, which went from 60 pounds overweight at 10 pounds overweight 40 pounds overweight to her and  Ideals and rdquo; weight 80 pounds overweight again  anything less than that and and back to 80 pounds overweight and which is presumably where he was when he wrote his testimony about how well HCG works! I don’t know what the definition of and success and is; but this is typical of yo-yo diets and  It is not successful. He started 60 pounds overweight; and, after several ups and downs, which is now 80 pounds overweight. But the drug is a miracle?

The only way to let-go of unwanted weight is letting-go of emotional baggage unwanted let-go of the fears and concerns, let-go of the guilt and shame, we -go self-hatred and hatred himself, and let-go mad beliefs about food, fat, weight and diet, he and establishment and rdquo; that has fueled all her life. Look in the mirror. Look around. What you and have said simply isn and t an accurate view of reality; simply doesn t work the way they say it does. It isn and; t what you eat and s make you fat; it & s what and s to eat. Most people say, and  I’ll be happy when I lose this extra weight & but the truth is that this kind of and happiness and It will last only as long as the weight is maintained. Find true happiness, however, it may be the greatest weight reduction plan ever; and there are techniques that can help not release the programming and -up covered and their happiness an; giving you the freedom to live the way you want to live.

There are several changes-techniques available today that can help you stop-go of unwanted pounds to help you stop-go of unwanted thoughts and emotions. Many of them can be quickly and easily learned and ndash; free! And many of them are used by the gurus of weight loss as Paul McKenna and success gurus, and teachers featured in and l. The Secret and rdquo; If you want to try fad diets and drugs, that and  s choice; but you owe it to yourself to try something at least first and  free, easy and secure. Methods such as EFT, The Z-Point Process, and TAT, have been used successfully for over a decade; and have each produced many and  permanent and successes. I personally lost 55 pounds (just once and ndash; not over and hellip;) through prayer, understanding, forgiveness and the techniques mentioned above. That was 5 years ago; and I and change my diet or exercise habits and  just my point of view and beliefs about food and my body. In other words, I changed my body changing my mind first and then let the rest happen naturally .. Hotel

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