‘War Room’, the power of prayer in theaters

War Room
A scene of the movie.

It is the fifth film from the makers of ‘Fireproof’ and ‘Courageous’. You can watch project free tv here.

“War Room” ( “War Room”) is a new film about the power of prayer. The plot shows how prayer can have a powerful impact on marriages, careers, relationships and other areas of life.

The film was produced by Stephen and Alex Kendrick brothers who produced “Wheel”,”Courageous “,” Fireproof ” and “Confronting the Giants”.

“War Room” ( “War Room”) presents the lives of Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, a married couple has a young daughter and apparently have everything you could ask for. However, it is clear that your marriage is in ruins. The film documents his harrowing struggle and both learn about the transformational power of prayer.

Stephen and Alex Kendrick, the brothers behind the film, said recently that before starting a new project spend a period for reflection and prayer where you ask God what is the next thing you want to do ?

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