Release “8 Days” – a film about human trafficking

Ambassador James Brewster, Bob Satawake, Fiora Cruz, Jaco Booyens, Lars Council, Shannon Council, Katie Walker, Kim Baldwin and Dan Funk.

The US ambassador, James Brewster and her husband, Bob Satawake, offered a cocktail in the Dominican Cinematheque for the exclusive premiere in the country of the film “8 Days”.

The broad smile on the faces of filmmaker Jaco Booyens and the cast of this film, evinced satisfaction work done. It
was they who formed the line of receipt by the director of the Cinematheque, Fiora Cruz, who gave a warm welcome to each of the guests. The film “8 Days” is a film made ​​by After Aden Pictures inspired by real events in the United States, which recounts the human tragedy of trafficking lived from the experience of a teenager, Amber Stevens, who after having escaped home to go to a party with your friends, go away, seeing forced into by his captors into the world of sex trafficking. This film is now available in HD on Movie25, please visit to enjoy.

The premiere of this film corresponds to the activities of the diplomatic mission concerning promote citizen security, institution-building and democratic governance. Each year the US State Department published a report on the situation of human trafficking worldwide and efforts by countries to combat this evil.


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