The power of holy water

Holy Water

St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church, had a deep faith in the power of holy water. She personally used it to expel the demon and repel temptations. “I know from experience that there is nothing better than the holy water to expel the demon from our side.”

Holy water is one of the most important sacramentals and used within the Catholic Church.

Recall that sacramentals are clearly different from the sacraments

  1. The sacraments produce their own effect by virtue (ex opere operato) … sacramentals, only by the devotion of the recipient (ex opere operantis).
  2. The sacraments contain and confer habitual or sanctifying grace … sacramentals reach us only actual graces.
  3. Only Christ can actually institute and instituted the sacraments … sacramentals, however, have been instituted by the Church.
  4. The sacraments are necessary for salvation … sacramentals, no.
  5. The seven sacraments are nothing more than seven, as defined by the Council of Trent: baptism, confirmation, penance, Eucharist, anointing of the sick, holy orders and marriage.
  6. Sacramentals are many. Example: litanies, sprinkling of holy water,water softener reviews, alms, blessings, blessed bread, blessings of homes, fields, cars, exorcisms …

In general worthily received the following effect sacramentals

  1. Get actual graces particularly effective for the intervention of the Church (ex opere operantis Ecclesiae).
  2. Forgive venial sins by way of impetration (ex opere operantis), in that for the good works they do practice and by virtue of the prayers of the Church on the subject aroused feelings of contrition and acts of charity.
  3. Sometimes they forgive part or all of the temporal punishment due for past sins, under indulgences that often accompany the use of sacramentals (eg, holy water).
  4. We get temporary thanks if they are suitable for our salvation (eg, bodily health, defense against storms, etc.)

Regarding the holy water. What are your main effects?

If one crosses himself with holy water with devotion, it produces three effects: Attracts divine grace purifies the soul and the devil away.

  1. The gesture of crossing himself with holy water, brings divine thanks for the prayer of the Church. The Church has prayed on the water with the power of the Cross of Christ. The priestly power has left an influence on the water.
  2. At the same time purified of our sins, both venial as reato left in our soul.
  3. The third power of holy water is to remove the demon. The devil can enter perfectly into a church, its walls contain him, not the sacred soil restrains him;however holy water itself that away. Although we “eyes of the body” can not see the cross that forms the holy water in our body to santiguarnos, the devil himself who sees it. For him that Cross is fire, it’s like a shell that can not pass.

To bless the water there is a special prayer in Latin. On her blessed salt is cast upon the blessing of water. Water, blessed thus has special powers in the fight against the devil and temptations. . The demon is more afraid of the holy water that the crucifix.

This is the way the water is blessed when it comes to practice exorcisms. That is why the priests often used to perform them.

The hard part is to find a priest to bless the water in this way, it takes about five minutes. Typically, the priest bless the water in the same way that blesses a rosary or medal; but what many do not know is that to bless the water and it has special properties, you must do so.

I always have blessed water in this way in my parish. The faithful know this and often come to me for holy water.

Therefore it is always good to have holy water at home. We can use to get up and go to bed. Also anytime we want a force or special help of God, and particularly when the demon bother us.

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